A day in the life of Tony Trischka

Recently I had the opportunity to work with the legendary banjo player Tony Trischka.  To help launch his new album, Great Big World, We documented a day in his recent tour.  Throughout my career the thing I have enjoyed the most is the chance to be around greatness.  Be it medicine, sports, art, music or any other field, greatness is an inspiring thing to see and I got to hang with a whole lot of it for a day. The stop motion and time lapse piece we created is now featured on the home page of Tony's website.  Check it out and check out his new album. 

A Day at the Florist (time lapse, stop motion video)

My latest endeavor (obsession) is time lapse photography.  About a year ago I started playing around with stop motion video of my kids,  now I am trying to combine the two .  After playing around a little, my first real attempt is done. It is a short one minute marketing, promotional piece for Fellan Florist, a boutique florist on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.