Rainy Day at My House

What do you do when you are stuck inside because of the rain? In our house it is a little game we call "Photo Studio". That's right, I bribe my children with marshmallows so they let me take their photos.

A night at the Antonelli's

I was working around some photographers and reporters that are a bit younger than me recently.  They were talking about what they had done the previous evening. There were bars and clubs and restaurants and very late nights involved.  I started to think about what I had done the night before which at first glanced seemed considerably less exciting. When I thought more about it though, I realized how great my night was. I realized that before I know it my 5 year old won't be 5 anymore, my 2 year old won't be two anymore and my evenings won't be the same.  Everyone always tells us how fast our children will grow up and I am starting to really see it. I want to hold on and I want to appreciate it, so the next night I made this time lapse. So to all those folks out there partying, this is what evenings at our house look like.  I wouldn't trade it for anything.

My Children

So here is the launch of the Blog. I am not quite sure where it is gonna go from here.  I hope people will look at it. If they do, I hope they gain something from the time spent here. I will try to show pictures I love and talk about photography and what I love about it. I figure the best way to start is with my absolute favorite thing to shoot, my kids.