Derek Jeter and Fenway Park

With Derek Jeter's career coming to a close, the Yankees final game of the season will be at Fenway Park.  Here are a few of the images I made for a story about the Captain's career at Fenway and the park itself.  Some of my favorites are the impressions the baseball leaves on the Green Monster, something Boston based photographer CJ Gunther has been photographing for a long time.  To see some very cool images of the Green Monster on his website click here.

Thirteen Photos from 2013

2013 was a year of major change in my career. Leaving a staff job at a newspaper that I worked at since 1999 meant starting over in a lot of ways.  Looking back at what I shot over the past 12 months I put together a group of 13 of my favorite images from the year.  Someone else may have chosen 13 totally different photos, but here is what I came up with in no particular order.

Citi Field Henge

Very interesting light last night at Citi Field during the 2nd and 3rd innings of the Mets game against the St. Louis Cardinals. 

Remote Camera Dunk

Shooting sports with remote cameras is hit and miss. Sometimes you just don't get anything and other times it just works out. I set up a low remote under the basket the other night for Game 2 of the Knicks playoff game against the Pacers. I had three large photos run in the paper from the remote camera including the back page, but the real gem was a 3rd quarter dunk and reaction by Kenyon Martin, check out the series.

The Great Mariano

Mariano Rivera made it official today. This is his last year.  It is a rare chance to get to see anyone you can call "The Greatest of All Time".  I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to document some of his greatness.  Here are a few photos of number 42 I picked out.  The last one is a gem, the guy looking goofy on the right is me.  I may look silly but when I am an old man I will show it to my grandkids anyway.

Panoramic Love

I just got back from Florida where I was assigned to shoot the New York Yankees Spring Training.  Spring Training is one of my favorite assignments of the year and I have been doing it for 8 years now.  It can get a little repetitive so the challenge, and the fun, it to try something new each year.  Last year I brought my tilt shift lens and had a lot of fun trying to look at things from a different perspective.   Ever since college, when I got a Russian made Horizon swing lens camera, I have been in love with panoramic images. Especially swing lens images.  So it was with great excitement I headed down to Tampa with my Noblex swing lens panoramic film camera and 20 rolls of Tri-X in tow.  You can imagine my disappointment on the first day of pitchers and catchers when I realized it was not working.  I was just so bummed out and now I need to find someone who can fix it.  Just to be nostalgic though, I dug out a couple of old travel photos I shot with the camera.  I can't wait to start shooting with it again (assuming I can get it fixed).  So check back in the future and be on the lookout for a new swing lens project.

Since I mentioned it, I figured I would put a gallery up of the photos I shot at Spring Training with the tilt shift.